Online Progress report

Discovery Academy is the only Private School in Ontario to use a specialized Online progress report that allows parents and students to track 24/7 the following aspects of education :

• Attendance

• Homework assignments and completion

• Marks

• Weekly comments from each teacher

• Test and exams

• Access to parents and teachers 24/7

Google classroom

Discovery Academy is one of the schools that uses Google Classroom app to track all the assignments and notes in one place for easy access. It adds more depth and information to Online progress report. Google Classroom has the following features :

• Easy access to in class notes

• Assignment tracking

• Notification system

• All educational material is easily accessed

• Mobile app is available for Android and iPhone for free

• Access to parents and students 24/7

In classroom technology

Discovery Academy always tries to implement various technologies in class to assist students in learning and acquire the knowledge in different ways. However, we understand that no technology can substitute a great teacher. The following technology includes but not limited to :

• PowerPoint presentations

• Videos

• Animations

• Website research guide “WebQuest”

• Use podcasts where applicable

• Wifi Access