21st century education

Over two centuries the education system was based on the idea that a student needs to learn a certain material based on his/her age. Typically after graduating from school and then university the student finds a job and then retires. However, we as a society currently live in a different era where lifelong learning is an essential skill to adapt to our dynamic environment. Students need to acquire not only knowledge but ability to learn. This encompasses such skills as time management, organizing tasks based on different criteria, critical thinking, creativity and ability to take any subject and have mechanism in place to learn it at any given time. In our turmoil economy an employer is looking for an employee that can not only execute linear tasks (these type of jobs will be extinct in a future) but also learn independently, and be self-sufficient in helping their employees keep their skill sets up-to-date.

At Discovery Academy we develop essential skills using new these educational techniques.

Time management

Organizing various tasks

Critical thinking

Memory and creativity