Student clubs and activities

We believe that a good education requires not only academic excellence, but also student involvement in the school community, personal growth, and bonding with fellow students and teachers. Discovery Academy fosters a positive school spirit, student interests, community involvement and interactions between peers through our many extracurricular activities, school clubs, trips and volunteering. At our school we want to open up the students’ minds to a wider world and unlock talents and interests they might not even know they have! We believe that students grow and learn best when they are genuinely interested in what they do, therefore we encourage our students to come up with their own ideas for clubs and activities and our friendly and professional staff helps them bring their ideas and interests into reality.

This is a summary of our clubs and field trips
Extracurricular Activities
Educational Non Educational
Chess Club Sport Club
Debate Club Cinema Club
Mathematics Club Hiking Club
Engineering Club Yoga
Programming Club Fitness
UN club Choir
And more And more
Field Trips
Educational Non Educational
Ontario Science Center Paint-ball
University of Toronto Toronto Raptors Game
Royal Ontario Museum Ripley’s Aquarium
Art Gallery of Ontario CN tower
Google Office Niagara Falls
Planetarium Toronto Island
And more And more