A Letter From our Founder Dr. Marina Blumin

Dear friends!

My hope for the future is that our children’s lives will be filled with glorious adventures and deep fulfillment.

At Discovery Academy, our mission is to help realize the potential that lives in each and every one of our students. In order to do so, we needed to make a significant shift in the approach to our children’s education.

The challenge with most institutions is that they’re trying to meet the future by doing what they did in the past, and on their way there they’re alienating those who have a hard time seeing a purpose in going to school. Gone are the days of the past when a university degree guaranteed a job let alone a career.

We believe the current education system was conceived, designed and modeled in the interest and image of industrialism. It is essentially about conformity and increasingly about standardization. If you want to improve a child’s success you don’t start from this production line mentality. You start at the student, each and every student.

A move towards individualisation and into a flow learning experience, when the senses and mind are operating at their peak. When they are present in the current moment, resonating with the learnings, and when they’re fully alive. Not when they are uninspired and shut off their senses, having desensitized themselves to make it through the day. We should be waking them up to the potential they carry within themselves by inspiring them to harness the power of learning.

To us every child is unique and must be treated by their own individual needs. Staff and teachers don’t just stop at the curriculum, they go above and beyond. They serve as role-models, mentors and friends. They help students develop life skills; determination, creativity, critical thinking, and resilience to give them the tools and strength of mind they need to succeed in life.

Welcome to Discovery Academy!


Dr. Marina Blumin – Physics PhD

Dr. Marina Blumin from University of Toronto founded Discovery Academy in 2006. Since 2001, she has been a part of the Advanced Nanotechnology Research at the University. Dr. Blumin always had a passion for education and devised new techniques and scientific methods to help children improve critical thinking, motivation for education, stress resistance, creativity and much more. After 40 years of teaching experience, Dr. Blumin created an individualized school program with a mission to raise future generations with skills and mindset that will help them adapt to our ever evolving world and its challenges.