Discovery Academy is proud to present tutoring services from grade 1 to 4th year university. Our tutoring services include but not limited to reading, writing, mathematics and science. Our approach to tutoring is divided into three sections: homework/assignment assistance, improvement in various aspects of studying regardless of student’s grade/university year and going ahead in studies for high achiever students. We offer one on one tutoring and group tutoring with only 5 students per group. Except homework/assignment assistance all students can write an evaluation test that will determine whether the student needs help in fundamentals or can go ahead in his/her studies. Our approach to each student is individual that means that the program will be developed solely for that student and each milestone will be assessed by a test, then a student can go to a next level.

Our program is divided into three grade levels: grade 1 to 5, grade 6-8 and grade 9-12. Each group will have a different approach due to age factor. From grade 1 to 5 students will be exposed to extra motivation tools to encourage them to do the work and enjoy in a process. Grade 6 to 8 students will be encouraged to develop sense of accomplishment and curiosity. Finally grade 9 to 12 students will be focused on time management skills and teaching methods that will help them not only in high school but in university.

Moreover, Discovery Academy offers programs for grade 3 to 8 that includes IQ development and experimental science. IQ development is based on developing lateral thinking in children. Various problems that require “outside of the box” approach will be given to students. Solutions will be explained in detail and similar problems will be given to home. This program is for motivated students who are looking for a challenge in their studies. Experimental science program is solely based on experiments that we do in our laboratory to satisfy student’s curiosity. Every class there will be an experiment where all the students will participate. Later a theoretical explanation will be given and results will be compared to that. Any errors will be discussed in class. In that program We try to develop a scientific and logical thinking in our students throughout this program.

Homework/assignment assistant

The student must come with his/her own material and questions. The instructor will explain the material and help solve the problem or guide how to accomplish the assignment. Furthermore, questions from our own stock will be given to strengthen knowledge. Test preparation can be given to ensure that the student understand all aspects of the subject.

Reading and writing

Based on the assessment test, students will be arranged based on their level (unless it is on one tutoring). Our program includes reading books in class with the teacher, then students should explain in their own words what they read. Prepare presentation/monologues for the class about the book and write essays/paragraphs about the story. Students will be exposed to essay writing techniques and debates. Our main goal in this program is to develop love for reading, teach the students to express themselves and write interesting and grammatically correct essays that shows various aspects of the given subject.

Mathematics and science

Based on the assessment test, students will be arranged based on their level (unless it is one on one tutoring). Students will start from their own level, regardless of grade. Our own material will be given in a gradual level. When a student reached its milestone, a test will be given that will determine if next level can be given. Our material include explanation section and many exercises that start from easy exercises to word problems. Our goal is to develop fundamental knowledge of mathematics and science that will help the students in high school and university.
Duration: ongoing

IQ development program

This program is built in such a way that any student from grade 3 and up can join. There is no need in mathematical or science knowledge to enter our program. Challenging problems are given in class that require careful analysis of the problem to reach the solution. The program will have five categories: visual problems, mathematical problems, drawing problems, word problems and physical problems (students will use objects from class to solve the problems). Moreover, our program will have mind games that students will compete against each other. The program is challenging therefore, only eager students who are looking for a challenge in their life can join.
Duration: 1h once a week for 10 month

Experimental science

The program is developed to show the students how science can be interesting and challenging. Our teachers will show various experiments in our laboratory to expose students to various aspects of science like physics, chemistry and biology. We will use scientific method approach for each experiment so our students will develop logical and step by step approach to any problem. The program is divided into 3 sections: physics experiments that will include kinematics, light, electricity, sound and magnetism. Next portion will be biology, experiments will include extraction of cell/DNA (performed only by a teacher), study of a microscope, water properties and observation of bacteria. In chemistry section we will have experiments based on various reactions, conductivity of various substances, acid/base reaction (done by a teacher only) and properties of elements. Everything is backed up by how and why people use these properties in various applications in science.
Duration: 1h once a week for 10 month

  • Assessment test ($50) and individual program development ($100) is $ 150
  • One on one tutoring from grade 1 to grade 12 is 50/h + tax, for university students it is 60/h + tax
  • Group tutoring from grade 1 to grade 12 is 25/h + tax for university student it is 35/h
  • IQ development program $35 per class
  • Experimental science program $50 per class

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